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Why InterServer?

Since being founded in 1999 by two students who just happened to be firm friends - Mike Lavrik & John Quaglieri - InterServer has grown from strength to strength. Growing from a single domain name, nowadays InterServer operateo their own dataacenters on the East Coast and boast a dedicated staff.

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Everyone wants a coupon that just does the job it's meant to: give you a hefty discount without any fuss or extra work. The promo code we're offering for you today gives you the first month of your hosting - whether VPS, Reseller, WordPress or plain ol' WordPress hosting - for a single cent. Just type in OneBadServiceCent199 when ordering to claim your discount.

These People Care

InterServer isn't some anonymous megacorp; check out their staff information to get a feel for what I mean. This is a good-sized company with people dedicated to your hosting happiness, who genuinely want to see you succeed. There aren't enough people and companies in the world like this. Treasure them when you find them.

WordPress Hosting

At only $8/month, InterServer's WordPress package is remarkably well-priced. You get incredibly fast managed hosting, complete with both unlimited storage and unlimited web transfer allowances. All plans come with a 30-day guarantee, plus a price-lock promise that means that you'll never experience a nasty price hike when it comes to your hosting costs!

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InterServer VPS

If running your own server is more appealing than a fully-managed solution, why not give an InterServer Virtual Private Server a try? Starting at a frankly astoundingly low price of $6/month, you can choose between Linux and Windows installs, and even have the option of using cPanel to adminster your server. There's no waiting around for things to get set up either, with all servers coming online within seconds.

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Reseller Hosting

Psst! Like to know a secret? InterServer's reseller hosting is an open secret in the industry, known for letting you offer out-of-this-world levels of hosting for scandalously low prices. How low? Well for $20/mo you get unlimited domains, one-click scripts, and even get dedicated client management apps! It's absolutely astounding, and InterServer offer extra IPs for a mere $1/mo on top of that. Take a look at their higher-level plans for even more opportunities.

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